Sponsor FAQ

All you need to know about sponsoring PGDay Lowlands

Can we access our sponsor dashboard and claim benefits as soon as we sign up?

Access to the sponsor dashboard may be available following sign up, however benefits may not be accepted until full payment has been received.

As a sponsor, are we able to purchase more attendee passes at a discounted rate? If yes, how many can we purchase and what is the discount?

Discounted attendee passes and discount codes are not available for purchase at PGDay Lowlands 2024.

What is the size of the desk?

The exact size of the desk hasn’t been set yet — we’ll do that closer to the event once we know how many sponsors we have.

Are we able to bring our own materials/equipment? E.g roll up banners or standalone TV screens?

Sponsors will be able to bring their own equipment, provided that it fits the size defined in the sponsorship contract. For specifics, especially larger electronic devices (like screens) please let us know which equipment you plan to utilize.

Can you provide electrical equipment like large screens?

PostgreSQL Europe does not provide any equipment. The venue will provide a power outlet for every table. The venue may also require that some types of equipment is provided by their approved vendors. Please email us with the list of equipment or related questions well ahead and we are happy to ask the venue for you.

Can we set up our table/booth on Thursday before the conference?

The conference space is not available on Thursday. You may start on Friday morning at around 8am.

Do people only working at our booth also need a conference ticket?

Everyone attending the conference, including booth staff who aren’t attending the talks, must have a ticket.

How can we purchase tickets for our people at the booth?

The Partner sponsorship package has two free tickets included, these is usually used towards booth staff registration. You can of course buy additional tickets.

How can the sponsorship fee be paid?

The available payment methods are listed on the payment page once you receive the invoice and include bank transfer and credit card.

Can the governing law be changed?

We are bound by PostgreSQL Community guidelines to treat every sponsor equally. This means that all sponsors sign the same contract.

Where can we see the data protection regulation?

The Privacy Policy governing every of our events is available on the PostgreSQL Europe website. Outside of that, since PostgreSQL Europe and the event are both in Europe, we follow the European GDPR.

How many visitors do you expect?

We are currently estimating around 100+ attendees for the conference. The venue has space for more, so we can always increase this number. If this happens we will communicate accordingly.

Do you offer lead scanning?

On-site sponsors (Partners) will receive instructions on how to use the attendee badge scanning feature. Note that this must be setup in the sponsor dashboard before the event begins. We cannot provide any attendee details except through this system.

Do attendees have the option to opt-out from badge scanning?

Attendees have the option to switch badge scanning on and off in their profile at any time.

What percentage of attendees opt out of badge scanning?

Since this can be changed in the attendee profile at any time, we don’t have numbers on how many attendees opt out from scanning their badge.

On average, how many leads did sponsors receive at the last in-person conference?

We do not look into the sponsor data for scanned badges, so we do not have this information.

What hours is the expo hall open?

There is no dedicated expo hall. The sponsor booths will be located in the general areas around the conference rooms and the coffee breaks. That means that the expo opens at around 8am, and closes shortly after the conference. Please note that all staff members for your booth need to be registered and checked in.

What is the venue layout?

Tables for sponsors will be placed in cooperation with the venue.

What will draw attendees into the expo hall?

We encourage sponsors to have an interesting desk setup, and get in touch with attendees during the conference. We also encourage sponsors to plan their desk setup to make it attractive to attendees to make it easy to start conversations.

Do we get to choose our booth location?

No, the venue provides locations for the sponsor tables in accordance with fire and safety regulations. The table for each sponsor will be assigned by PostgreSQL Europe.

When do you expect to sell out of Partner spots?

Partner often sell out very soon after opening. We do not have a projection exactly when, but since we are unable to provide any extra slots once sold out, we recommend that you sign up quickly if you are intested in one.

Can you hold a spot for us?

No, sorry. Spots are only reserved once the contract has been signed and countersigned.

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Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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